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Quick Tap to the Cap!

Quick Tap to the Cap!

Place your hand on the Wakit Cap and use a quick short tap for a coarse consistency, like it finer? Add another quick short tap, the more you tap it the finer the consistency.
It's Rechargeable.

It's Rechargeable.

Powered by a lithium battery the Wakit Grinder comes with a Micro-USB charging cable. An indicator light lets you know when Wakit is fully charged.
Durable Drone Motor

Durable Drone Motor

Tapping the Wakit cap activates a drone motor housed inside the unit, but it’s what is connected to the motor that makes the magic.
LED Lights

LED Lights

Wakit KLR has LED lights that light up herb chamber during grinding so you can experience the process up close and personal.
Beaded Chain Technology

Beaded Chain Technology

A single beaded chain is connected to a touch-activated drone motor. The chain spins creating a vortex shaving the herb from the thick stems creating a perfect texture.
Easy To Clean

Easy To Clean

Wakit Grinder is easy to clean. Simply use a moist towelette to clean the herb chamber.
100% Money Back Guaranteed

Take the Wakit Grinders’ Challenge!

If you are not completely convinced that Wakit Grinders is the best grinder you have ever used, you have a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee!

Why are we so confident? Because Wakit Grinders’ ball and chain technology trim your flower to perfection and to the exact consistency you want. The ball & chain spins at a high velocity, driven by a drone motor, opening up the flower while separating thick stems. Wakit Grinders’ ball & chain gently trim the flower without destroying it, unlike all the other grinders on the market. No other grinder on the market leaves your stems intact. By using quick short taps to the cap you can control the spinning of the ball & chain allowing you to be in charge of how chunky or fine you get your grind.

Product Reviews

See what customers are saying about Wakit Grinders. All reviews are from real people who love Wakit Grinders.

  • I won this grinder last week and it arrived today. I love it! It works great! I mean, it really did the trick! I highly recommend it.

    Wakit Grinders KLR - Tree Goddess Design Electric Grinder Image
    Wakit Grinders KLR - Tree Goddess Design Electric Grinder
  • Best Grinder Ever ! Works like a Dream. No more twisting or cranking HIGHLY RECOMMEND !!

  • Fun grinder that works great Best grinder I’ve used. Adds fun to the process.

  • Bought for my elderly mother she loves it Great product for someone who has arthritis

    joshua paravicini
  • best one yet 💯 the best one yet 💯

  • It don’t get dirty and stop working like the others. Best one on the market hands down. No cleaning. Almost six weeks before it needed its 1st re charge. It’s great.

  • Major motor upgrade,... My 2020 Wakit unit was working OK, but I saw a YouTube video where the company owners talked about a new and more powerful motor that is 1) more efficient at pulverizing moist nuggets,2) can handle larger nuggets and 3) now the motor never stalls or shuts down due to an overload. I think the price is reasonable; there is no grinder at present that pulverizes flower & herb as efficiently and as effortlessly as the Wakit.

    Amazon Customer
  • Can't live without it Best grinder ever! Designed totally different from all the others. Really don't know how I lived without it. Never again. I even bought one as a gift.

    Amazon Customer
  • Works great. This will grind any herb

    Amazon Customer
  • Grinded tons for 4 months on one charge No bull, no frills, this does what it says it does. I used mine off a full charge for one week shy of FOUR MONTHS before the battery died! That is unreal. I “grind” a lot of “lavender” sometimes an oz a week. So if it last that long for me. A regular smoker may never need to recharge haha. A+++

    Esteban Belefonte

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