Who Are Wakit Grinders?

Wakit Grinders are a marketplace disruptor. It answers unmet needs in the grinder sector because of its speed, excellent stem-free result, and yielding a perfect texture and consistency every time. Wakit’s Ball & Chain patented technology trims the flower off the stems without tearing or crushing, thus better preserving the delicate medicinal properties.

Wakit Grinders have come to revolutionize the industry as the world’s first electric grinder that uses ball & chain technology to elevate the grinding experience through ease of use and efficiency. Now consumers can prep their herb to a coarse consistency with no mess, no wasted herb, and little to no effort as users simply press down on Wakit’s pressure cap to activate. One to two quick short taps will yield a coarse consistency while adding another quick short tap will yield a finer grind; the more quick-short taps you add, the finer your grind.

G&E Innovations strives to bring a superior product to a diverse community of people from all walks of life. No matter how you enjoy your herbs, G&E Innovations has the solution for you and has priced Wakit Grinders so it does not break your wallet either.

Wakit-electric grinder KLR Lucid design (side view) - Wakit Grinders

Our Story

Our story begins on election night 2016 when one of our favorite glass pieces dropped and shattered on the floor sending ground herb all across the carpet. As Gustavo grabbed the Dyson Vacuum cleaner and began vacuuming the spilled herb, we were mesmerized by the herb spinning up in a vortex through the clear chamber. It is at this time that the idea of using a different way to grind was born.

The challenges to pursue our dream were soon evident. If we wanted to follow our passion and chase our dream, we needed to make some difficult decisions like giving up our professional careers of 25 years, move across the United States to pursue our vision, sell our home and invest every penny into research and development, and borrow money from family and friends who believed in our vision.

Witnessing the effects in our personal lives and close family members, whose lives had been changed by the medicinal properties of this wonderful plant, instilled a passion in us for change.

The invention in its simplicity went through 18 different trials while searching and testing for the exact material, width, diameter, and length resulting in the development of the technology of the ball and chain. The next phase includes 16 iterations, each one perfecting the previous one testing the torque and power of the motor to recreate the vortex effect. What we found out was that by spinning and cutting the herb in a vortex with a ball & chain, it will trim and cut the material separating thick stems and leaving them intact while fluffing the herb. When we perfected the ball & chain and motor, we created a vortex that did not damage or destroy the flower turning it into powder-like a coffee grinder, nor tearing it apart as manual grinders do. Instead, Wakit Grinders cuts the herb in the air trimming off the thick stems letting the stems and the plant material drop on the flat surface ready for consumption.

If you want to elevate your grinding experience and see why the ball & chain technology is much more effective than any other way of breaking down herb, then Wakit Grinders is the tool you need in your collection, as it is the last grinder you will ever buy.

This is just the first step in our journey. We promise you will see future generations of Wakit Grinders and its evolution into a Cone Filler which will further elevate your grinding experience by providing the most efficient way to grind and pack your herb with the touch of one button.

Inventions of Passion: Why Choose Wakit Grinders?

As an herb connoisseur, Gustavo knew that the industry had overlooked the handling and processing of herb when it comes to breaking it down for consumption; thus, leaving medical patients and recreational users with the challenge and annoyance of grinding. Over the past decades, there has been little advancement in grinder concepts: number of teeth, kind of material, and how many holes have been the only advancements, as adding power; specifically, portable power had not been successful.

Up until now, options included either grinding herb with a hand-held grinder, an electric blender or coffee grinder or using one’s fingers to tear apart herb; with each option presenting a series of challenges proving to be ineffective. In examining each one closer, we learned, that current hand-held grinders are inconsistent as they crush and tear the herb degrading the delicate crystals which contain medicinal properties. In terms of electric blenders, one will find that coffee grinders or blender style grinders pulverize the herb not only destroying medicinal properties but also pulverizing the stems and seeds which end up as part of the final product; resulting in an unpleasant experience. The last option, using ones’ fingers, proved to be less than ideal as there is a higher risk of cross-contamination from handling and breaking up the herb, there is a waste of key ingredients which contain medicinal properties as they end up sticking to fingers, and using one’s fingers can be challenging as it takes time and patience, can be messy, and requires being able to shred or breakdown herb which represents a challenge in itself for consumers with dexterity challenges (i.e., osteoarthritis, carpal tunnel, multiple sclerosis).

In November 2016, too familiar with this struggle, inventors Gustavo and Esther decided to do something about it. It is then when the vision comes to life and they set out to solve this unique problem by designing a device that could grind herbs effectively without waste and in a shorter amount of time than any other option in the market; while providing ease of use and yielding a high-quality consistency and texture in every grind.

It is in 2018 after overcoming many struggles and conducting thorough field research and testing, that the first Wakit Grinders’ product by G&E Innovations is born!

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