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Erin McKinney

San Francisco, CA

I was so tired with buying grinders that would bind up, get stuck on the cross threads. They crush and pulverize my expensive, delicate herbs instead of trimming away the stem the way WAKIT does. This is an EXCEPTIONAL electric grinder! The ball and chain is genius... so simple but it shreds the stickiest herb on the planet! It maintains a charge forever. I went through two ounces of her before I even needed to charge the unit again. What I learned is that you only want to tap the push down button once or twice, that breaks up your herb perfectly. Just hold down the button for a few seconds. This grinder is amazing!

The last grinder you will ever buy!!!

Medalius Toynbee

Los Angeles, CA

I originally thought this was a bit pricey, as mechanical grinders are less and efficient. I tried it on my very sticky product and it not only ground it up perfectly, but it didn't chop up the stems after stripping them clean! I was used to grinding with a mechanical grinder several times before I could have enough to work with, but in under a minute I had plenty of perfectly sized product to roll my own. And no cleaning all the tiny holes in your typical mechanical grinder! Even the box it comes in is great! I can leave it out and nobody knows what it has inside. I highly recommend this to everybody - and especially to the sceptics! (And the customer service was also way above par! Thanks!)

This is an amazing grinder!

Greg Nadeau

New York, NY

The grinder is really easy to use too, all you do is place the herb on the tray and push down, not to long though, just tap it.... its quick. so no more coffee grinders for me, I always used a coffee grinder but this thing is so much better, no blades, so instead of just cutting everything up, it actually separates the stems. doesn’t mess up my herb and it actually makes it fluffier! One mistake I made was you can’t push down on the top and then lift it while the motor is still spinning, it will fly everywhere, lol. It takes a little bit to get used to but this is by far the best solution out there for grinding up your herb, great invention.

Best grinder by far!