RollBotz RoboKone Filler (Black Onyx)


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RollBotz is an Electric Mill and Robokone Filler which mills your favorite product to the perfect consistency; while simultaneously filling and packing your Robokone within seconds all by simply pressing the ON button.

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Why Use RollBotz as Your Personal Assistant?

RollBotz technology makes it the perfect kitchen companion and prepping tool, as it is easy to assemble and use. It has become a favorite among people with dexterity challenges or other health conditions like arthritis, carpel tunnel, osteoarthritis, or people who are missing limbs, as its ball and chain is activated by simply pressing the ON button; making milling and packing an easy task in a matter of seconds.  Using RollBotz is not only a time-saver, but it’s also fun to use!


Beaded Chain Technology

Beaded Chain Technology

RollBotz ball and chain tech creates a trimming effect gently milling your material to a perfect consistency; while ensuring is not overly ground.
Durable Drone Motor

Vortex Action

Once milled to the perfect consistency, the naturally occurring vortex effect simultaneously pushes down the material packing it into the RoboKone.
Easy To Clean

Ease of Use

RollBotz is made of three sections which connect through strong magnets making loading and assembling a breeze.  It mills and packs within seconds while pressing the ON button. It’s that simple!
Quick Tap to the Cap!

Ergonomically Designed!

Rollbotz is ergonomically designed for your hand to fit around its Main Body comfortably, making it easy for you to reach and press the ON button to activate the ball and chain. Always hold RollBotz by its main body while milling.
LED Lights


RollBotz is made of three sections which connect to each other through strong magnets, making it portable and very easy to assemble, disassemble, and clean.
It's Rechargeable.

It's Rechargeable

Powered by a lithium battery RollBotz comes with a Micro-USB Type C charging cable. An indicator light lets you know when your personal assistant is fully charged and ready for action!

RollBotz Electric Mill Kit Includes

  • 1 RollBotz Electric MIll – Black Onyx Design
  • 1 Micro USB-C charging cable
  • 1 Robo Poker/Brush
  • 1 User Manual

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Additional information

Weight25 oz
Dimensions9.75 × 7.75 × 2.75 in

3 reviews for RollBotz RoboKone Filler (Black Onyx)

  1. Roy Brotman (verified owner)

    The Rolbotz Ronokone may be the best “thing” of any kind that has ever been built. It does everything that it is touted to do(and more); does it easily; with almost no waste or mess.

    The Ribokone filled the 1 1/2 cones like a champ, but I ordinarily use either RAW Dog-walker 70/45 or Blazy Susan 53mm. The RoboCone fills each of them at perfectly.

    Even the “Vortex” action does a very good job packing the cone, but because all herb isn’t the same, i didn’t throw away mud sa q packing stick.

    I would like Wakit to have a cone holder made for the 53 and 70mm to allow the Keif to to drop into the cone rather than sticking to the walls of the holder.

    My last comment has made me recognize that the RoboKone is so perfect a mill and cone filler system that I am asking Wakit to make a perfect mill and come loader better. A 53mm cone that took me 5 minutes to stuff manually is filled by the RoboKone in a 1 or 2 second pulse.

    I really do not know how Wakit could make the RollBotz RoboKobe any better. I would like to see an optional cone holder, but that isn’t a flaw, just a request for an upgrade

  2. momfindley67

    This was cats ass the easiest and most fastest I’ve ever done a cone. Ground up perfectly, charged super fast, very easy to use! You won’t be disappointed 😍

  3. Robert Bradley (verified owner)

    My girlfriend and myself ( in our late 60’s ) have bad hands and this is the answer to our prayers we use the 1.25 size cones can’t wait to try it on the larger sizes

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