Long time hand grinder user.. recently I was given this grinder as a present.. and instantly fell in love with it.. I have told all my smoker friends and even purchased them as Christmas presents this year. This grinder is the best.. so efficient so quick so easy and yet still portable and chargeable. It holds its charge for days and days and is also an easy clean.. I highly recommend this product to allđź‘Ť

Erin Odonnell
Wakit Grinders KLR Black Design Electric Grinder Image
Wakit Grinders KLR Black Design Electric Grinder

I got this set as a Christmas gift for my husband.. it’s November and he already has it because I was too excited to wait! Absolutely love this! 5 stars every day of the week!

Leah Drake
420 Bundle Image
420 Bundle

This was a set that we got as a gift for my sister and her husband because we loved ours so much! Absolutely recommend 10 out of 10!

Leah Drake
420 Kit by Wakit Grinders Image
420 Kit by Wakit Grinders

Amazing Grinder Absolute hands down...best grinder I've ever owned...and I've owned quite a few in 44 years....BUY THIS TRUST ME....WILL BE AMAZED

Courtney Rhodes

This is the future of grinders This grinder makes handling any type of herb with ease! Love the simplicity and the science behind it definitely the future of grinding herbs

Damien James

The best grinder out hands down Don't sleep on this grinder.. I had a few (banana bros, coffee grinder etc..) You did a great job on this. Only disappointment was I had to spend another $1p for tge little tray. For almost $70 should of came as shift. Overall I am 100% satisfied. Lookalike Spanish folks develop this.. Arriba mi raza.. Excelente trabajo


Cool technology One of the coolest things we have come by!! Love the lucid version so you can see it in action and what it does, it grinds up really fast


Extremely Easy Excellent product, minimal effort required. Just put your herb on a tray, put the grinder on top, push down rapidly 1-3 times depending on your herb's moisture and you're done.The 1 star reviewers are simply grinding it for too long, it doesn't turn to dust if you don't let it.


So Cool Looking This product works well as an electric grinder, but what makes it stand out for me is the design. The see through unit shows off all the motor and wiring and it looks super cool. It's a great conversation piece when you bring it out.

Kathryn Graulty

I love it!!! This saved my wrists. One has to understand you don’t need but a few pulses and boom! You’re ready! Yes. Pricey but totally worth it to me:D


Quick & Easy I love anything that makes my life even just a tiny bit easier…this makes it so much easier to grind my herb, especially when I’m in pain and the simplest of tasks hurt. I push down the top 1-2 times and its done.

Cambrie Lepine

Easy on your hands. Love it. Love everything about it. I purchased in Jan 2021. I am having to reorder in October. The ball chain broke. So for the price, it should last longer. I tear it up even before I wokit. My hands are bad and this is the best for me. Maybe improve or sell new chains for replacement.